Our Story - Champagne Bubble Bath by Bisou Passionne
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The Bisou Passionné brand is all about the pleasures of relaxing in a luxurious, sensual, playful bubble bath with someone special. When bubble bath aficionado, Pete XXX, couldn’t find a luxurious bubble bath that was sexy and alluring, yet relaxing and detoxifying, he set out to create the ultimate bubble bath a bubble bath that encapsulated all of the above and so much more … Bisou Passionné champagne bubble bath is the result!

It all started with none other than, yep you guessed it, a bubble bath.

Is there anything that releases those happy, feel good hormones more completely than a bisou passionné? Losing yourself in a loving kiss just makes everything better, doesn’t it? To be honest, we thought kissing couldn’t get much better, until we discovered the recipe for Bisou Passionné which uncoincidentally means Passionate Kiss in French. 

Whichever type of kiss floats your boat – the Butterfly, the Eskimo, the Spiderman, a lingering neck nuzzle or the classic “our favorite” the French kiss – a soak in a bath full of glittering Bisou Passionné champagne will take your romantic interlude to the next level; it certainly did for Bisou Passionné’s founder, Pete. Here’s his story:

“It all started one evening when I tried  tempting my girlfriend to take a bath with me. She wasn’t too hip to the idea at first, but when I cracked open a bottle of champagne, to say she jumped in, would be an understatement.

“The champagne just completely set the scene for an amazing romantic night of kissing and making love in the bubble bath. That’s when I started thinking how awesome it would’ve been if I’d had a special bottle of champagne bath bubbles to create a seductive, sensual bath that my girlfriend would never forget.”   

Kiss me in the bubbles

Soon after Pete’s romantic evening, he started searching for Topshelf, luxury bubble bath products for people with romance on their minds. Frustratingly, there was nothing out there for people like him who wanted to celebrate a sudsy romance and make bathing an event to be celebrated and treasured.

Bisou Passionné is “something fun and sexy” for people who love “champagne bubbles and bubble baths”. For people who like to celebrating and popping bottles that fill the tub with beautifully scented sparkling bath bubbles for the ultimate bathing indulgence.

We believe that every romance should start with a bubble bath and every argument should end with one. So, whether it’s your wedding night, anniversary or you simply need to kiss and make up, inject some much needed romance into your relationship or just have some fun playing with one another in the suds, a Bisou Passionné bubble bath is the perfect place for some ‘kissing in the bubbles’ therapy.

Bisou Passionné kisses parts other bubbles can’t reach.

There’s a secret ingredient in Bisou Passionné and that ingredient is QUALITY. We like to think of our champagne as a bubbly, luxurious and scrumptious vitamin soup for your body and soul. Our bubble baths will nurture your love life and your skin as they are 100% natural with nearly 95% Organic ingredients. Nowadays, we live in a world where many bubble bath products are, in reality, nothing more than cheap liquid soaps in fancy packaging. Not us, each organic champagne bubble bath is handcrafted with the finest ingredients for healthiest silkiest skin and then carefully poured into each champagne bottle. The bubble bath itself contains a rich concentration of skin nourishing minerals, salts, vitamins, antioxidants, plant oils, essential oils, extracts and distillates that simply can’t be matched by other bathing products.

As a lover of all things bath related, Pete wanted to create the ultimate bath. A bath that a man can feel like a man popping with a women and a women can feel like a Queen bathing in and Bisou Passionné is the result.

Bisou Passionne ever after!

Life should be full to the brim with love and laughter – Bisou Passionné checks both boxes. It’s the perfect addition to any romantic evening and makes a great gift for couples, newlyweds or simply those that want the Ultimate Indulgence!

Bathe Like a Boss and Bathe in Champagne!