Anatomy of the Perfect Gift

Anatomy of the Perfect Gift

The Anatomy of the Perfect Gift:

Some gifts are chosen with a specific person in mind. You see the perfect item to match their unique personality, and then snap it up, wrap it in cheery brown paper and string, and send it off to that one specific person that clearly can’t live without this impeccable gift. But what happens when you’re long on affection for your intended gift recipients, but short on time, fresh ideas, or don’t have several extra hours in your day to roam the isles of generic merchandise at the mall in search of a token that screams out at you as the perfect match? Whether you need holiday treasures, wedding or anniversary gifts - take comfort, overwhelmed shoppers. We’re here to give you all the expert insight and easy-to-follow advice on finding the ideal, original gift idea.

General Appeal

How can you be sure your gift will hit the mark if you don’t know all about your recipient’s secret desires? When choosing a present for a general audience, it’s important to go wide. What does this mean? Don’t make the mistake of choosing something too specific, like clothing in a particular size, or a provocative piece of art not everyone would love. Instead, look for items that have mass appeal, but still feel special. There are a few categories of gifts that nearly everyone can enjoy, and when in doubt, it’s best to stick to one of these safe yet special areas. Think of a beautiful bottle of wine, or a set of plush, designer kitchen towels—something that anyone would want, and won’t end up in someone’s re-gifting closet.


The cost of a gift is always a tricky area. After all, no one wants to be focusing on money during a special occasion. Additionally, cost expectations can vary quite a bit depending on social group and context. How can you cut through this grey area and land on something that’s not too much, but not too little either? Our experts recommend sticking to a safe buying range of around $40 to $60. You want to communicate thoughtfulness, without giving off an air of trying too hard. A beautiful picture frame, or a box of luxe scented candles can express just the right amount of generosity.


How can you ensure that your gift will stand out from the multitudes? We give presents to express affection and appreciation, but let’s be real. Gift giving is also a way for us to demonstrate our value to the recipient. You want to be viewed as a thoughtful, creative gift-giver, and we can help. Is your gift available at every chain store? Or is it something rare or unusual that will give the recipient a jolt of delight? Avoid boring or traditional, even when sticking to popular categories. For instance, pick a special or unexpected filling when giving gourmet chocolates, or a rare scent when giving a bubble bath gift set.


What’s our number one piece of advice for choosing the perfect gift? Everyone appreciates luxury, and most people are less likely to buy opulent items for themselves. Why not give your recipient something indulgent that they wouldn’t get themselves? The most sought-after gifts often say “luxury” and “special occasion” on more than one level. For instance, Bisou Passionne has a line of luxurious bathing treatments made from fine champagne, and other decadent ingredients, like real 24 carat gold flakes, lavender and rose waters, dead sea salt, liquid shea butter and almond oil. Soaking in a nourishing bubble bath appeals to nearly anyone. Add the intoxicating scent which fills the room and the invigorating feel of luxuriating in a real champagne bubble bath, and you have an opulent and novel gift with mass appeal that is sure to impress and delight just about anyone for any occasion without breaking the bank. After all who doesn’t love champagne and luxurious baths’ and combining the two, well that just makes it even more fun.  

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