PATENTED & Proprietary Handmade Organic Champagne Bubble Bath Bomb in A Bottle, is the best thing to happen to bathing since the Invention of the Bath Tub itself. Popping Bottles in the Bath has never been more fun.


100% All-Natural- Organic- HANDMADE DAILY IN THE USA: ZERO COMPROMISE ON QUALITY: Hands Down the BEST BUBBLE BATH on Earth- Nothing compares to BATHABLE CHAMPAGNE. Discover 100% PURE natural, ORGANIC Ingredients, Extracts, Vitamins, Antioxidants, Salts Butters & Essential oils that will make your skin Feel Tipsy for 6+ Luxurious Skin Soothing Bubble Bath's


Bisou Passionne means Passionate Kiss. The BEST gifts on Earth are those that increase passion amongst each other. During a Bisou Passionne Oxytocin aka the LOVE Hormone skyrockets. Take a Bath in a Bisou Passionne Champagne and things will never be the same.

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Anatomy of the Perfect Gift

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